Okay, so for the people who still think Lizzie was awful for telling Lydia to grow up…

- She looked for and found a strange man to live in her cousin’s attic.  So that she could make money while staying there; you know, instead of getting a job.  Please tell me who does that?

- While babysitting, she stole pills from the family she was babysitting for.  Not only does she do drugs for no real reason, she STEALS THEM FROM HER EMPLOYERS

- At 20 years old (when the series starts) she is constantly dragging her sisters and anyone else she can find out to the bar with her (I’m not sure how she gets in all the time.  Fake ID?) to get trashed.  This is on a regular basis - while I understand college students drink, she can’t see the point of a night not spent at the bar.  Drinking is not a problem.  Drinking to the excess that Lydia does IS.

- She constantly skips school (College…not high-school which could have been free.  Very expensive, very important college), and only stops because of her parents.

- When her sisters are busy, and Mary wants to spend time with her boyfriend, she gets mad and runs away. Because apparently everyone’s lives should revolve around Lydia.

- When she isn’t mad at Mary for having other things to do, she’s constantly trying to change her - because the fact that she reads and wears black is, in Lydia’s eyes, the crime of the century.  She gets furious that Lizzie tries to “change” her, but is constantly doing it to Mary.

- Also, gets mad at Mary for having other plans - but basically drops her when her sisters come home.

- When her sister dares to tell her that maybe she should start worrying about the future, she freaks.  Okay, fine - I understand that at the moment, you’re upset.  But Lydia never thinks about it, she never considers that maybe Lizzie had a point.  She gets angrier, and basically runs away again - this time to Vegas.  

- She runs off to Vegas, does something that we never find out about (because apparently George “saves” her.  And given everything she’s willing to say on the show, what could be so bad she won’t tell her viewers?) and then decides to do the one thing she knows will hurt Lizzie the most.  She sleeps with a guy to get back at her sister for being worried about her.  (I’m not slut-shaming.  That’s not the issue here.  She sleeps with someone just to be a vengeful bitch.)

- Then she comes home, continues to hook up with this guy - still at this point to get back at Lizzie.  (I know that she truly is, at a point in the near future, in love with Wikham. And that is not something I fault her for.  He is a manipulative ass, and that is all on him.  But at the start, it was all revenge.)  STILL never acknowledges that Lizzie had a point.  She just gets worse, and flaunts it all over the place in hopes that her sister will see it and be upset.

- And for the record - everyone talks about how the horrible Lizzie never called Lydia and warned her.  Lets remember that Lizzie TRIED to talk to Lydia, and this is what happened.  If she had warned her away from Wikham, God knows what Lydia would have done.  

Everyone gets so mad because she’s the big sister and should be “watching out for Lydia”, which I have a problem with for a lot of reasons

   - A) Lydia is not a child.  She is 21.  Lizzie is only a year or 2 older than her.  And Jane is not much older than that.  No one sister should be bearing the responsibility of calling the others.  

    - B) Yes, Lizzie could have tried to call Lydia - but Lydia was just as stubborn, and just as capable.  She didn’t call either.  

Up until she had been manipulated by Wikham, Lydia knew exactly what she was doing.  And she did it for revenge because her sister - who you all think should have been there to guide her - tried to do just that.  Being upset is normal - continuing to be angry, and seeking revenge however is childish.  And as Lydia loves to point out - she is not a child, which means it was nobody’s job to be “taking care of her”.


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